Manure Spreaders                   *Not all items are on the lot. Please call before you come.

Kelly Ryan 6x12 Spreader - $3,750 - SOLD

Very Good. Low Use. Consigned.

International 540 Spreader - SOLD

Single Axle. Through the Shop. Nice Spreader.

John Deere 680 Spreader - $5500 - SOLD

Double Floor Chain. Converted to hydraulic drive. Nice ready to go spreader. Consigned.

Kelly Ryan 6x12 Spreader - $1500 - SOLD

New Floor. Good ready to go machine. Consigned.

Kelly Ryan Spreader - $5500 - SOLD

6x17. Tandem Axle. Has not had much use at all. Very Good.

New Holland 519 Spreader - $3250 - SOLD

Replaced two boards in the floor. Nice spreader.

Frontier MS1455H Manure Spreader - SOLD

Vertical Beaters. Hydrapush. 16 Ton? I have used this machine as a rental for two years. Good and ready to go.

Meyers 2550 Manure Spreader - SOLD

550 bushel. 1000pto. Hydraulic Apron Drive. Double Beater. Double Floor Chain. Polly sides and floor.

Kelly Ryan Spreader - $1150 - SOLD

4x10. Clean Spreader.

New Holland 680 Spreader - $4400 - SOLD

Tandem axle, slop gate, poly floor. Good average spreader.

Knight 410 Spreader - $4750 - SOLD

Tandem Axle. Hydraulic Apron Drive, Slop Gate. Just through the shop. Good Spreader.
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